A career is much more than just a job to pay the bills. It is a place in which you feel fulfilled and passionate about. You still need a job to pay the bills while you are figuring out your career.

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My Career Path

Making money is important to your independence path. This section will provide information on preparing for your job search, where to look and community agencies to help with the process and helping you determine what you want to do for a career.

Training and Resources

Information is provided for certificate programs, training opportunities, and community agencies that provide assistance for work clothing, tools and supplies.

Looking for a Job

Now that you are prepared for a job you will need a place to start, This page provides places to search for jobs as well as creating a cover letter that will get attention and help with resumes.

Now that I Got the Job…

This page will take you through the basics of the background check, how to fill out the W-9, and providing recommendations on how to maintain employment.

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