This page will guide you through topics such as locating a doctor, dentist, exercise resources, nutritional information and resources, as well as resources for parents or soon to be parents.

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Healthy Body

Locating a Doctor/Dentist/Eye Doctor - This link will help you locate a Doctor, dentist, eye-doctor (optometrist) in your area. If you are covered by insurance, including Medicaid you should contact the doctor’s office to ensure that they accept your insurance.

You are what you eat – Link for how eat healthily on a budget

SNAP Benefits – Do you need to apply for SNAP, here is a link to the SNAP application. Application is easy

Keep Moving/Exercise Resources – Exercise has been proven to improve mood and is important to physical and mental health. If you are into Yoga click here for a list of free yoga classes in the Denver metro area.

Where to go for Medical Treatment and helpful tips –Click here for tips on when to go to your doctor, urgent care or the emergency room.


If you are thinking about getting pregnant, or currently pregnant or parenting, you need a lot of support. The following resources will be able assist you in either preparing for the new addition to your family or other supportive services:

Planned Parenthood – A lot of information is available when deciding to get pregnant and what your options are, including birth control, STD & HIV Testing, and women’s health care.

Cost of having Children – Having children is expensive, are you ready for the investment?

Applying for WIC (Women, Infants and Children) Benefits – Colorado Peak provides an on-line application for WIC as well as other state benefits.

Day Care – Do you need assistance applying for CCAP, click here for help with the CCAP application as well as other benefits.

Parenting Assistance – Are you a first time parent or just need some information and support on parenting? Click on the links for resources that can help.

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