Maintaining a healthy mind can be hard in the stressful world we live in but it is important to stay positive and stay connected with individuals who will help you grow and keep you on your path. See below for resources as well as finding support groups in your area that may be beneficial. If you need immediate help see “Get Help” box on this screen.

Positive Attitude – Sometimes life can get you down and it is hard to stay positive, click here for a resource on ways to help you maintain a positive outlook.

Meditation –To effectively meditate takes time and practice, click here for a mindfulness video to put you on your meditation path.

Self-Confidence and Efficacy – These two beliefs about yourself are very important and affect your happiness and if you feel like you have control over your life. Here are some resources that will help you increase both!

Self-Worth, Purpose, and SpiritualityThis link will guide you in a writing activity to help you find your purpose and passion.

Emotional Eating – Do you find yourself eating when you are upset or anxious? Here is information on how to recognize and stop emotional eating.

Loving and Belonging – Support groups connect like-minded individuals who are seeking guidance in a certain area of their life or looking for a place where they feel like they belong. Follow this link to find groups in your area.

Diversity Resources – We are all different and our differences should be celebrated as well as supported. Here are some resources that may be helpful in the walking of your path!

  • The Center – To engage, empower, enrich and advance the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community of Colorado
  • Denver Indian Family Resource Center – To strengthen vulnerable American Indian children and families through collaborative and culturally responsive services

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