Do you need a place to stay tonight?

Being out on the street or having to rely on others for a place to stay is very hard and stressful. Click here for resources that can give you a place to crash and other information that may be for beneficial for getting back on track. Information is included for:

  • Runaway/Youth Shelters – There may be an age limit (usually 21)
  • Homeless Shelters – Each shelter has its own rules depending on who runs them
  • Day Shelters – Provide access to computers, mailboxes, phones and classes
  • Domestic Violence Shelters – For victims of domestic violence and often at undisclosed locations.

Do you need a place to stay that will help with specific issues that you are experiencing?

Do you need some additional support and don’t quite feel ready to be on your own? Are you struggling with financial support, substance use, domestic violence, or other concerns that are temporarily keeping you off of your path? Click here for supportive housing agencies may be able to help you.

  • Transitional Housing – Housing that offers a lot of support including assistance obtaining employment, life skills classes, and other supports.
  • Low Income Housing – Often called subsidized housing and there is an application process
  • Sobriety Housing – For those who have a history of substance use and want to live with other sober people.


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