When you don’t have a permanent place to stay it can be very difficult so this page is dedicated to resources that may be helpful for you while you try to find your own place. A good place to start is to know your rights!

Vital Documents

While going from place to place you may have lost your photo ID, Social Security card, birth certificate follow this link to the Vital Documents Page to replace them.

Housing Options

It is important to start down the path to your own place and you may have to start here with a list of emergency shelters, transitional housing and other housing services.

Health Insurance Options

Maintaining your health is important and follow this link to find out what your Health Insurance Options are.

Helpful Hint: While you are trying to find your own place you may qualify for medicaid, follow this link to find out how you would qualify.

Are you in school?

Focusing on education is hard when you don’t have a permanent place to stay, follow this link for supports that can help.

Are you looking for a job?

Creating an income may help you get on your feet and enable you to work towards a career. Follow this link for the Looking for a Job page.

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