Credit is another important aspect of accessing services including getting your own apartment, purchasing a car, and even getting a cell phone. This section will provide information on how to monitor your credit and if there are issues, address them as soon as possible.

Identity Theft

This can happen in a lot of different ways including through technology, phone or face to face interaction, even taking things you have thrown out. It is important to know what you need to do if it happens to you. Click here for guidance about identity theft.

Getting Scammed

It has happened to most people but this link will give you skills on how to avoid scams in the future and remember to always trust your gut!

Credit Reports

If you are currently in foster care your caseworker should be helping you with this process and it should be done every year. If you are no longer in the system click here for more information on obtaining your credit report.

Credit HIstory

Takes into account many factors including defaulting on a loan, being evicted, not paying your bills, but don’t lose hope this information will help you improve your credit!

Clearing up Problems

Now that you have your credit score and there are things that aren’t right, click here to help with the process for clearing them up. You should also follow these steps if someone has stolen your identity.

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