It is hard to live on a fixed income and make it work. This section will help you create a budget that works for you and identify where you can change your spending habits.

Making a Budget

Money 101

This is a curriculum through College In Colorado that is a great place to start and offers a lot of guidance in increasing your financial IQ. You can create a FREE profile to save your work.

Making a Realistic Budget

This is very important to track where your money is going and can keep you on your financial path. Set up a budget by downloading a budgeting worksheet.

What should I pay first?

Sometimes you don’t have enough money to pay all your bills and you need to prioritize certain things. Click here for information on how to make payment decisions.

Credit Counseling

Follow this link to learn about credit and what it means for your future purchasing power.

Spending your Money

Needs vs. Wants

Everyone buys things that they think they need, follow this link to help you differentiate between necessary items and things that you want.

Shopping Smart

It is important to make smart decisions with your spending and keep in mind your financial goals. Click here for instructions on creating a spending plan.

How to Fill out a Check

Once you have a checking account it is important to fill out your checks correctly. Here is a video on how to fill out a check.


How to get a Cashier’s check or Money Order

You will need this service if you don’t have a checking account or are making a large purchase. Follow this link on how to get both a cashier's check or money order and the benefits/drawbacks of each.

Getting Scammed

It has happened to most people but this link will give you skills on how to avoid scams in the future and remember to always trust your gut!

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