This page is meant to assist you with resources that will help you on your path whether that is tracking down your vital documents, ways to get involved with your community, or getting around town.

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Vital Documents

Your vital documents are needed to access many things that are needed to maintain your progress on your path. This page will identify resources to help you if you need them or have lost them. The requirements for getting your documents depend on your age as well as your legal status. The links will guide you to the correct process for your needs.

Local Resources

You should always know what community resources are available to you as you may need to use them. This page has links that will assist you when you need access to showers, laundry, hot meal or mailing address among other things.

Transportation: Getting Around Town

Once you have identified your path getting around is important. This page will list some of the transportation options that are available to you and guide you in how to use them.

Community Service and Activities

Do you have court ordered community service or would just like to give back to your community or would like to provide recommendations on how to improve the system? This page will link you with resources in the community to help.


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