You are now out on your own and may need some resources or places to turn when things get rough. This page is meant to point you in the direction of helpful resources.

Things No One Told Me

There were many ways in which you and your team tried to prepare for being out on your own but sometimes things get missed, the Things No One Told Me booklet is a good place to find basic information.


You may be struggling to find a place of your own, this link will bring you to the Housing page for housing resources and financial assistance.

Health Insurance Options

Maintaining your health is important and it is important to get medical treatment when you need it. Follow this link to go to Insurance Options and how to apply.

Helpful Hint: If you emancipated from foster care you may qualify for Former Foster Care Medicaid which means you don’t have to pay deductibles.

Staying Connected

Now that you are out of the system and would like to make a difference for future generations or stay in contact with other supportive youth who have similar backgrounds you can visit Foster Club.

Continuing your Education

If you are looking at continuing your education there are some good resources for you. The College In Colorado website is a good place to start and can help you with the whole process. You may also qualify for these scholarships and assistance.

Scholarship Resources that you might qualify for:

Helpful Hint: Remember if you were in foster care on or after the age of 13 you qualify to file as an independent student on your FAFSA

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