Your vital documents are needed to access many things that are needed to maintain your progress on your path. This page will identify resources to help you if you need them or have lost them.

Keeping your documents safe is very important as they are the key accessing services. Documents should be placed in a lock box that can be purchased at Walmart or Target. It is also a good idea to scan and upload your documents to a secure website like College In Colorado.

What if I lose my documents? Click here to be brought to a resource on instructions to replace them as well as help with preventing identity theft. Colorado Legal Services ID Project is also a great resource if you are struggling.

Special Immigrant Juvenile status/Becoming a Citizen - This is the process to obtain a Green Card and stay in the country permanently. This link provides the basic information and you will need a Confirmation of Dependency form.

Medicaid/Health Coverage Number – The link will take you through the process of requesting your Medicaid card.

Driver’s License - If you are ready to take on the responsibility of driving follow this link to get started. The page breaks down what you need by age.

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